25 08, 2021

Thea Lang Collective – Solo Show SAVE the DATE


I am very please to announce that the Thea Lang Collective I founded with my colleague and friend Elmar Karla is presenting its first solo exhibition in Berlin. The Vernissage will be on the 10th of September 2021 at 7 pm at the Kurfuerstenstrasse [...]

Thea Lang Collective – Solo Show SAVE the DATE2021-08-25T21:26:35+00:00
10 06, 2021

Water is a Luxury – new commissioned wall in Munich


'Water is a human right' was first painted in Munich during 'Z common ground' festival on a house that since has been torn down. So, I was very happy to got invited to Munich again to paint this commissioned piece at a more permanent [...]

Water is a Luxury – new commissioned wall in Munich2021-06-10T14:14:42+00:00
15 04, 2021

Reisefieber and Vaccine inequality – New intervention


About a week before the Easter Holidays in Germany, the motive 'Reisefieber - Travel Fever' appeared next to a travel agency in Hamburg's Sankt Pauli district. Vaccination against Covid had just started and the first people were about to fly out to Mallorca to [...]

Reisefieber and Vaccine inequality – New intervention2021-04-28T09:53:13+00:00
9 12, 2020

Know your place citizen – consume!


Amid lock-downs  the Christmas Shopping has begun. This poster was placed in Hamburg's main shopping location, reminding citizens of their duty, to raise the GDP and to forget about everything else: culture, music, joy, socialising,... To know more about this work, please have a look [...]

Know your place citizen – consume!2020-12-09T11:06:21+00:00
7 12, 2020

NEW screen print: ‘WATER (is a human right)’


The motive 'Water' was originally painted during the Z-common-ground festival in Munich last year. Since then it has been very well received leading to many spinoffs like the Water-Soldier that I painted for FLATZ at Heaven7  and the Cut-out originals. For some time I [...]

NEW screen print: ‘WATER (is a human right)’2020-12-09T11:04:48+00:00
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