15 04, 2021

Reisefieber and Vaccine inequality – New intervention


About a week before the Easter Holidays in Germany, the motive 'Reisefieber - Travel Fever' appeared next to a travel agency in Hamburg's Sankt Pauli district. Vaccination against Covid had just started and the first people were about to fly out to Mallorca to [...]

Reisefieber and Vaccine inequality – New intervention2021-04-28T09:53:13+00:00
9 12, 2020

Know your place citizen – consume!


Amid lock-downs  the Christmas Shopping has begun. This poster was placed in Hamburg's main shopping location, reminding citizens of their duty, to raise the GDP and to forget about everything else: culture, music, joy, socialising,... To know more about this work, please have a look [...]

Know your place citizen – consume!2020-12-09T11:06:21+00:00
30 09, 2020

Graffiti meets Lueftlmalerei in Oberammergau


In the summer I went to the little town of Oberammergau in the south of Bavaria. Some might have heard of it as it is well known for the "Passionsspiele" the "Oberammergau Passion Play" which are performed every ten years since 1634. Also, it [...]

Graffiti meets Lueftlmalerei in Oberammergau2020-11-04T16:03:24+00:00
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