10 06, 2021

Water is a Luxury – new commissioned wall in Munich


'Water is a human right' was first painted in Munich during 'Z common ground' festival on a house that since has been torn down. So, I was very happy to got invited to Munich again to paint this commissioned piece at a more permanent [...]

Water is a Luxury – new commissioned wall in Munich2021-06-10T14:14:42+00:00
15 11, 2019

LAPIZ paints “Climate Carousel” at Gaengeviertel


After painting the German Climate Cabinet or the "Climate Carousel" as I call it at an abandoned asylum close to Berlin during the artbase festival, I had the chance to paint it at the Gaengeviertel in Hamburg. The Gaengeviertel is an old quarter in [...]

LAPIZ paints “Climate Carousel” at Gaengeviertel2020-01-28T22:37:46+00:00
1 11, 2019

LAPIZ takes part at ‘KunstLichtLeben’ at Werksviertel Munich


A few months ago I was invited by streetart legend LOOMIT to paint the 'Opium Den' at Werksviertel, in Munich. This area is a great open air gallery, where many famous street artist such as Os Gemeos painted. Some weeks later the motive was [...]

LAPIZ takes part at ‘KunstLichtLeben’ at Werksviertel Munich2020-01-28T22:29:25+00:00
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