10 08, 2020

NEW ORIGINAL Toxic Colours are beautiful – and wall piece: Rain dancer


“Toxic colours are beautiful” is a motive that I painted a few years ago at a festival. It consists of two parts a top one of two kids working with toxic colours who pour these onto a kid dancing in a bright colourful rain. [...]

NEW ORIGINAL Toxic Colours are beautiful – and wall piece: Rain dancer2020-09-18T16:44:23+00:00
16 07, 2020

Liberty suspended – Corona circle #2 – Canvas


Soon after lock-down in Germany ended, I painted another motive about the Corona-related life that we live now. While the shops and restaurants were opened again, this came with price of having some very fundamental liberties taken away – temporarily. But the important part was [...]

Liberty suspended – Corona circle #2 – Canvas2020-09-18T16:27:48+00:00
9 06, 2020

Releasing NEW Screen Print – Life in Time of Corona


Just a day before lock down started in Hamburg I pasted "Life in Time of Corona" onto a poster board in front of one of the biggest supermarkets in town. It was an attempt to fight the feeling of isolation and loneliness. A few [...]

Releasing NEW Screen Print – Life in Time of Corona2020-06-09T08:29:25+00:00
31 03, 2020

The Lock-down update


So, here we are, all sitting at home (-office) staring outside the window or on our computer screens. Normally, “change” takes years (just think about the government’s actions against the climate emergency), and now, barely 2 weeks later, the entire world turned itself upside [...]

The Lock-down update2020-03-31T11:19:30+00:00
21 12, 2019



I finally can announce that I have the screen print "Climate Carousel" available for sale in my shop. A few years ago, the river close to my workshop flooded and destroyed almost my entire equipment. It took a while to clean everything out and [...]

NEW SCREEN PRINT AVAILABLE: Climate Carousel2020-01-28T22:58:54+00:00
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