In the summer I went to the little town of Oberammergau in the south of Bavaria. Some might have heard of it as it is well known for the “Passionsspiele” the “Oberammergau Passion Play” which are performed every ten years since 1634. Also, it is well known for their painted houses, created in a special way of painting practiced for centuries, called Lueftlmalerei. I got invited to paint a private house in this very traditional place in Bavaria, I suspected this would be met with caution. The idea was to paint something that raises some eyebrows but also does not immediately upset people. The style and colour scheme orient themselves to the traditional painting style while the theme diverts from the usual folk-oriented variations. Painted onto one of the houses in the city center, it plays with perception of unusual or foreign individuals. The text reads: “The entire attraction and beauty of life consist of light and shadows..”
Surprisingly, people were very open and appreciated the work as can also be read in this article (only in German) by the Merkur.

More about this mural can be found here.