Just a day before lock down started in Hamburg I pasted “Life in Time of Corona” onto a poster board in front of one of the biggest supermarkets in town. It was an attempt to fight the feeling of isolation and loneliness. A few days later when everything was closed and people were urged to stay home, people still went to the supermarket to clear it of toilet paper and flour. So, I took what I had left and glued it onto a piece of canvas. What started as an experiment turned out to be a unique texture on which the motive was painted. The original work can be found here.

Fascinated with the texture and the idea of painting on toilet paper, experimentation went into the next phase to see, if it could also be mounted on paper to be used in printing. After some time, I figured a way out and once the lock down was loosened, I went to my studio and printed a new series.

So, here it is: a screen print on single sheets of toilet paper. Due to the texture, the printing process is affected creating a truly unique prints.

If you would like to purchase a copy, please have a look here or contact me at info@lapiz.ca