All stencils are handmade and sprayed with aerosol on canvas,wood panels, cardboard etc. Works on canvas are sent rolled up in an insured package. (If you would like to have it shipped flat, please contact me). Frames are not included.

Prices include tax and works are shipped worldwide.

If you have any questions or inquiries, please do not hesitate contacting me.

  • Originally, this motive was pasted on the streets of Hamburg as a reaction to the suspension of human rights during the lock-down in Germany. The statue of Liberty was painted onto the first 19 articles of the German Grundgesetz (constitution) and the suspended articles were crossed out. For more info about the "street" version, please have a look here. For this original, the articles were photo-transferred onto canvas and the stencil sprayed right onto it. Details:
    • hand cut stencil sprayed (aerosol)  on canvas
    • photo-transferred text
    • hand-finished details
    • Size: 125 x 90 cm
    • signed with date and certificate
    • this is shipped rolled-up
  • Painted during the Lock down in Germany with the materials that were the most valuable during that time: Toilet paper and flour. Sheets of toilet paper were mounted on to canvas using wheatpaste: a mixture of (wheat/rice) flour and water. This created a truly unique piece of art. More about the idea of this motive can be found here. This motive is also available as limited edition screen print, printed onto toilet paper. Please note: The white version has been sold. Details:
    •  hand cut stencil sprayed onto toilet paper mounted on canvas with wheatpaste (flour)
    • hand-finished
    • Size: 110 x 90 cm.
    • signed with date and certificate
    • this is shipped flat in a wooden crate
  • Toxic colours.... are beautiful. This original painting is a reboot of works I did during the 40 Grad Urban Art Festival and a collaboration a few years back. The lower part (Rain dancer) has been painted on many occasions and is also available as original here. For the first time, I painted the original as it was meant to be, kids pouring toxic colours onto a girl seemingly dancing in the rain. Both originals have been sold.  If you are interested in something similar, please contact me directly here: info@lapiz.ca Details:
    • hand cut stencil, acrylic paint on transparent primed linen
    • Size: 250 x 160 cm and 220 x 150 cm
    • signed with date and certificate
    • price on request
  • Maria with baby Jesus on her arm wearing VR glasses. The bright colours and golden halo form a stark contrast to what is lurking in the dark background. The two idols of Christianity are often used by right-wing media and political parties. They use social media and the internet to spread their agenda which destroys the core values of Christianity while claiming to defend them and being guardians of the Occident. Details:
    •  hand cut stencil sprayed (aerosol)  on canvas
    • Size: 140 x 100 cm.
    • signed with date and certificate
    • this is shipped rolled-up
  • Masks and China have been become synonyms for the Corona virus outbreak. But there is still a lot of other news coming out of china involving masks. These are the same ones I use while painting, however this setup, combined with a plastic helmet and an umbrella, has become the symbol of the students fight for democracy and independence in Hong Kong. Details:
    •  hand cut stencil sprayed (aerosol)  on canvas
    • Size: 150 x 100 cm.
    • signed with date and certificate
    • this is shipped rolled-up
  • ...is about exploring your wide open future. A common sight on Europe's streets. People collecting returnable bottles that carry a tiny bit of deposit. I thought about this and started to wonder what drives people to dig through trash in a countries that have social nets, surely they cannot live of it. But maybe they want to show that they are still worth something in a society that is built on output and performance, that they contribute and have a bit more independence. Details:
    •  hand cut stencil sprayed (aerosol)  on canvas
    • details highlighted with composite gold
    • Size: 100 x 100 cm.
    • signed with date and certificate
    • this is shipped rolled-up
  • The picture shows one of the most famous women of the world: the Venus of Milo - a true goddess. However, she is not shown as a beauty sculptured from stone but as an emancipated woman, using realistic colours, nipples and a pink balaclava. This piece has more than 20  hand-cut layers which are sprayed on thick cardboard and mounted on a wooden frame. It is truly one of a kind! Details:
    • Hand-cut stencils sprayed onto thick cardboard mounted on a wooden frame
    • W:100 x H: 200 cm
    • Signed
    • comes with a certificate
    • edition of 1
    • this is shipped flat
  • The heavy metal bailarina painted on canvas. Please note: This original shown here has been sold, if you would like to order a similar work, please contact me. Details:
    •  hand cut stencil sprayed (aerosol)  on canvas, acrylic paint
    • Size: 120 x 60 cm.
    • signed with date and certificate
    • this is shipped rolled-up
  • Corporate Bubbles – Original

    During the COP21 World Climate conference 600 advertisement booths were hacked by the Brandalism campaign. For that I was invited to to create two pieces of work, Paradise, which is available as a print and Corporate Bubbles. Both motives were hung in the center of Paris and formed part of the protest. 'Corporate Bubbles' deals with the subject of green-washing and was created when the Volkswagen emission scandal broke. At that time I had my studio very close to Wolfsburg, where the Volkswagen factory is. For Version 1 I used newspaper clippings from the region, dealing with VW and its board of directors as a background. The stencil was then sprayed on and details finished using acrylic paint. For Version 2, the stencil was applied onto thick cardboard and further processed to reveal the texture of the material. Both version are fixed onto a wooden frame and shipped flat. Details:
    •  hand cut stencil sprayed with hand-finished details and paper on canvas
    •  Size Version 1: 90 x 55 cm
    •  Size Version 2: 100 x 60 cm
    •  signed (with date)
    •  these originals will be shipped flat
  • I first painted a mural with this motive at Berlin's Teufelsberg Radar Station early in 2017. Since then it has made quite the impacted and was featured by many blogs online and on facebook, such as  IsupportStreetArt.com@street_art_community.

    A making of video painting  at Teufelsberg can be found here. Description: ‘Soulmates’ shows Donald Trump (President of the United States) on the left and Bakr al-Baghdadi (leader of the Islamic State) on the right. Both have turned their back to one another but are united on a giant dark red heart. The idea was to show the similarities of these seemingly opposing identities and ideologies. They have far more in common than one might think:
    • extreme simplification of reality, which divides the world in ‘black-and-white’, ‘we’ against ‘them’ etc.
    • convinced that they are right/ speaking for the people.
    • authoritarian rebellion against the ruling system (‘the West’ and ‘the establishment’) which in their view does not represent the majority of the people.
    • abolishing democracy and its liberties.
    • reactionary ideas: authoritarian view, anti-liberalism, anti-feminism, patriarchy, traditional gender roles.
    • conspiracy theories which draws them as victims: The own culture is threatened by an invasion of ‘The West’ / ‘Immigrants’.
    • fighting against refugees (displacement of people / ‘Muslim ban’)
    and I think most frightening of all: They both believe, they are good people. Details:
    • hand cut stencil sprayed (aerosol) on wood panel
    • size 100 x 100 cm
    • signed with certificate
    • this is shipped flat
    • edition of 1
  • The little girl dancing in the rain comes from a motive I painted during the 40 Grad Urban Art Festival in Duesseldorf 2015. Later, I painted only the girl dancing in a colourful rain on an electro-box for the Deutsche Telekom. After several requests, I now offer it as an original on canvas.

    I only will make 5 copies of this and if you would like to have one, please contact me at info@lapiz.ca and let me know which colours you want the raindrops to be. 2 of 5 have been sold.

    •  hand cut stencil sprayed (aerosol) on colourful background (acryl) on canvas
    • Size: 120 x 80 cm.
    • All copies are signed (with date) and numbered and have a certificate
    • this is shipped rolled-up
    • edition of 5
  • The icon for the disciples of Apple, iPod, iPad, iPhone etc. Every time a new version is launched the disciples are waiting in front of the store as if the messiah is returning. Steve Jobs was a hippie and Buddhist or a capitalistic sociopath? A laughing Buddha with a halo made out of apples? No problem for people who treat this company like a religion. Steve Jobs would be proud.


    • hand cut stencil sprayed + background (aerosol) on canvas.
    • Size 80 x 70 cm.
    • signed (with date) and certificate
    • this will be shipped rolled-up
    • edition of 4 original versions
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