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Every now and then I have a small camera with me when I paint. Here, are videos of some of the things I have been painting lately as well as videos of others taping my projects. I get my music from the free music archive, a great source if you want some fresh, free stuff to listen to or spike up your projects.


Styx/Ferryman – Video

'Styx/the ferryman (of the EU) was the first mural I painted during the 40 Grad Urban Art Festival in Duesseldorf. In it you see the grim reaper or the ferry man relocating from the river Styx and now welcoming all those refugees from the middle East and Africa to the promised land of Europe. They [...]


No Ball Games – Video

I painted this little gem in a skate park in Dresden. The German text reads 'no ball games' and is combined with a child soldier walking past a blown up football. A gentle reminder of the thousands of children still employed in conflicts worldwide. Get your screen print of 'No Ball Games' in the shop, [...]


Uncle Sam (Big) – Video

This is the same spot where I painted the original, much smaller, 'Uncle Sam'. But because I had the entire face of the house I started again and painted it huge. The video shows the work of about 1 week. The neighbors love the new version. On the far left you can also see 'Likes [...]


Maslow 3.0 – Video

 I prepared this stencil for a Festival that was cancelled in the last minute. So, I found myself a nice wall under a bridge and painted it over the course of a rainy weekend. It shows an interpretation of Maslow's pyramid of motivation. Here, I used photos from different decades of the 20th century to [...]


Rainbows – Video

Painted this motive on many occasions. This one is on a private house in Munich, enjoy! Get your own copy as a limited edition screen print, here.