Making of a Hero


This short video shows the entire painting process of my biggest multi-layer stencil yet: 'The Hero is You' . To give you some idea, it consists of over 30 individual stencils each measuring ca 0.8 x 1.20 m using up more than 60 sqm cardboard. All stencils were hand-cut, before I had taken the [...]

Making of ‘Paradise’ at MUCA


Making of the mural I painted for MUCA in 2017. This is the smaller indoor version of a huge stencil I did for the IBUG in 2016. More info about this motive can be found here, and here is a link to purchase limited edition screen prints of it.

Making of ‘Liberte’


Making of video of the motive 'Liberté' for the Label Valette Festival in France. A full description about the painting can be found here and here you can find the original on canvas for purchase.

Making of ‘#5vor12’ for Tollwood 2017


In November 2017 I spent a week at the Tollwood Festival in Munich. The winter edition takes place at the Theresienwiese (where the Octoberfest ends just a few weeks before). The Tollwood is Europe's biggest organic food and art festival seeing more than 1 Million visitors each year! The mural painted is called '#5vor12', [...]