Every now and then I have a small camera with me when I paint. Here, are videos of some of the things I have been painting lately as well as videos of others taping my projects. I get my music from the free music archive, a great source if you want some fresh, free stuff to listen to or spike up your projects.


Making of Liberte – reloaded

For a private commission in Berlin, I redid my motive 'Liberte' that shows a crying goddess of freedom sitting with her paintbrush and fist raised in despair. This version is much bigger than the first and also much brighter. It was painted during two beautiful days in late August 2018. The video of the [...]


Making of a Hero

This short video shows the entire painting process of my biggest multi-layer stencil yet: 'The Hero is You' . To give you some idea, it consists of over 30 individual stencils each measuring ca 0.8 x 1.20 m using up more than 60 sqm cardboard. All stencils were hand-cut, before I had taken the [...]


Making of ‘Paradise’ at MUCA

Making of the mural I painted for MUCA in 2017. This is the smaller indoor version of a huge stencil I did for the IBUG in 2016. More info about this motive can be found here, and here is a link to purchase limited edition screen prints of it.


Making of ‘Liberte’

Making of video of the motive 'Liberté' for the Label Valette Festival in France. A full description about the painting can be found here and here you can find the original on canvas for purchase.


Making of ‘#5vor12’ for Tollwood 2017

In November 2017 I spent a week at the Tollwood Festival in Munich. The winter edition takes place at the Theresienwiese (where the Octoberfest ends just a few weeks before). The Tollwood is Europe's biggest organic food and art festival seeing more than 1 Million visitors each year! The mural painted is called '#5vor12', [...]


Kura Festival 2016

This is a nice short video of the KURA festival where I painted alongside Case Ma'Claim, Heraut, Yves Paradis, Kram, Xenia Fink and Godmess. The Festival takes place each year in the city of Wittenberg (where Luther nailed his thesis on the church's wall) in Germany. The video is from the festival in 2016. [...]