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Every now and then I have a small camera with me when I paint. Here, are videos of some of the things I have been painting lately as well as videos of others taping my projects. I get my music from the free music archive, a great source if you want some fresh, free stuff to listen to or spike up your projects.


#YOLO – Video

The video of me painting my latest piece '#YOLO you only live online' during the Urban Up Festival in Leipzig/Germany. For more info about this piece, please go here.


Meeting of Styles Video – Hessenschau

The German Tv channel Hessischer Rundfunk visited the International Meeting of Styles in Wiesbaden (June 2016) and shot a nice video. There is a spotlight on my work, too - so check it out. original video link photo cred: Sebastian Sadzio


No more war* – Video

A video of me painting and preparing my latest piece at the Kura Urban Art Festival 2016. I had to paint the entire piece in one go. People were first not very stoked (to put it friendly) to see a huge tank on a wall. What this piece is about and for more info, please [...]


iPod Buddha (canvas) – Video

This video shows how I painted the 'ipod Buddha' on canvas. The picture has a colorful background and a Buddha with headphones consisting of 5 layers. Each layer is hand-cut and then sprayed. I made 4 different versions of this painting. If you would like to buy one, head over to the shop, here. Limited [...]


Rain – Video

Watch me paint an anamorphic stencil. Anamorphic means that it only looks correct from one point, from all the others it looks kind of skewed (at the end of the video, the kid seems to be sitting upright). I used this technique to paint "around-the-corner". I wanted to paint a girl dancing in the rain, [...]


water challenge 1 – Video

The water challenge is a nice 'around-the-corner-piece'. On the one hand is a group of women waiting at a public tap their only source of drinking water, which they then will have to carry on their heads back to their houses. Around the corner is an exploding hose, spraying water around everywhere. To think around [...]