Project Description

‘#YOLO, you only live online’ addresses the need for online appreciation. You only live if you can proof it online. People doing “crazy” stuff  because #yolo! you only live once. Share it and you live, don’t and you are nothing. Everything is happening online, it is the place to be and it needs to be checked and updated constantly.

I also made a video of the process.

The first time I painted it with a girl holding a tablet, taking pictures: ‘Exit reality’. It plays with our addicition to social media, to our need of online appreciation and the hunt for likes. This early version I painted during an underground party in an abandoned house in Buenos Aires while people did drugs on the toilet and danced to ‘I fink you’re freaky’ from Die Antwoord (just so you have an idea :).

 ~ Urban Up Festival – Leipzig – Germany / Buenos Aires – Argentina ~