Project Description

The motive plays with the role of water in our society.

Tap water is healthy and so cheap that you can bath in it. However, this is not the case in other parts of the world. As water is essential for humans, it is the perfect tool to distinguish between social success and failure. For example in the Western world, water is cheap and people use in average 35 l / day just to flush the toilet, whereas in the poorest parts of the world, people might only have access to 5-10 l / day and use the majority of their income for its supply.

Furthermore, water has become a symbol of status and a luxury item as bottled water is up to 5000 x more expensive than tap water and even more expensive than oil. The difference is that water is something every single person needs. In its absence there is no economy, but more social differences and more conflicts leading to war and increased migration.

~ Z-Common-Ground 2019 – Munich/ Germany – Weisswasser O.L. 2018/Germany~