Project Description

I got the idea to incorporate faces into fingerprints when I traveled to Mexico via transit in the USA and had to provide my prints.  I felt immediately treated like a suspect. Collecting prints is a general accusation to be a criminal. The faces shown are those of Nelson Mandela, Osama bin Laden and an unknown guy. The idea was to show a good, a bad and a neutral person though these ideas are very subjective. While Mandela is a hero and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate for many, for the apartheid regime he was criminal spending decades in jail. In Central America I found Tee Shirts of Bin Laden, those were not terrorists just people cheering to anyone who “pissed off” the US. The borders between ‘good’ and ‘evil’ are not clear and introducing a fingerprint scan might label an average man a terrorist.

Get a copy of limited number screen prints or as original stencil here.

~ Vancouver – Canada ~