Project Description

The motive shows a right-wing populist and an Islamist having their backs turned to each other to emphasize on their seemingly opposing ideologies. However, they are united on a giant heart because they have far more in common than one might think: Extreme simplification of reality, convinced they speak for the majority, abolish democracy and its liberties, anti-liberalism, anti-feminism, traditional gender roles, conspiracy theories drawing them as victims, fighting against refugees etc.

This version was done for the iBUG festival in Chemnitz in the region of Saxony where the right-wing party AFD (alternative for Germany) is very popular. It shows Frauke Petry (AFD) and Pierre Vogel (a well-known German Salafist). Here you can find the making-of video at iBUG and for a full description, please check the original version showing Trump and al-Baghdadi.

~ iBUG – Chemnitz – Germany ~