Project Description

‘No more war*’ shows the German minister for Economic affairs, Sigmar Gabriel, riding a Leopard 2 tank painted in the colours of the German flag (black, red, yellow). The tank is for sale as indicated by the price tag showing a €. Gabriel is holding up a sign that reads ‘Nie wieder Krieg*’ (‘No more war*’). Running away from the tank is a family of refugees.

The post WWII generation grew up with the firm believe that ‘war is not the answer’ and that there should never be war again. However, this stand has since been diluted down, calling war ‘peacekeeping missions’ and adjusting the motto to ‘No more war, except…’ which the asterisk refers to. The conflicts from which today’s refugees are fleeing have also been made possible by German weapons and Germany’s direct involvement.

~ Kura Urban Art Festival – Wittenberg, Germany ~