Project Description

‘Maslow 3.0’ is inspired by Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. The theory describes the reasons of human motivation, these include safety, love/belonging, esteem and self actualisation. Here, I used people of various decades and their relation to self presentation. The lowest is of a graduation class at around 1900 when taking a picture was a special occasion. The Charlston dancers above seem to care less showing off there dance moves that is connected to the 1920/30. The hippies at Woodstock  don’t even seem aware that a picture has been taken. On the top is a girl with a selfie stick documenting every move. The picture has become the motivation, it is not as important to do something as it is to document it and share it online.  I take a picture, therefore I am.

Check out the video how I painted ‘Maslow 3.0’ here.

~ Konstanz / Candid Platz, Munich  – Germany ~