Project Description

I got the idea for the ‘Climate Carousel’ after watching a video by German youtube star Rezo which he posted shortly before the European Elections, dismantling the parties in Germany’s government. Part of it dealt with the governments excuses for not addressing the climate emergency. One of the quotes taken were that the government wants to ‘allow’, ‘facilitate and make possible to do certain things, instead of telling people what to do or prohibit certain things. They very much ignored the need to restrict the industries which are the main CO2 producers in Germany: Lufthansa, Heidelberg Cement, RWE, VW and BASF (whose logos can be seen in the picture). The politicians shown in the motive are the minister for finance Olaf Scholz, the minister for environment Sonja Schulze, Chancellor Angela Merkel, the minister for traffic Andreas Scheuer and the minister for economics Peter Altmair.

~ Gaengeviertel – Hamburg, Neustrelitz – Germany ~