Project Description

‘Freedom Fighters’ shows the heads of state of the 8 nations that possess nuclear bombs. “Freedom” is written on the bomb in one of the official languages of each represented state. The colours were chosen to represent one of the national flag’s colours. The shown people are (upper row): Donald J. Trump (USA), Emmanuel Macron (France), Theresa May (England), Vladimir Putin (Russia) and (lower row): Mamnoon Hussein (Pakistan),  Xi Jingpin (China), Pranab Mukherjee (India), Kim Jong-Un (North Korea). Underneath the mural the words ‘Freedom Fighters’ are written.

Freedom is a word that these overpowered nations love to use. It describes their sovereignty which is granted by the bomb and allows the defence of their own culture from evil outside powers. In their own eyes, this turns them into some sort for freedom fighters, who in reality possess almost unlimited freedom to do whatever crazy thing they want: Donald Trump’s tweet describing the launch of the new super-carrier ‘Gerald R. Ford’ as a “100.000 ton message to the world”, Theresa May’s comment to use Trident (UK’s nuclear weapons) as a ‘first-strike’ and Kim Jong-Un’s increasing testing of rockets capable of carrying nuclear loads.

The heads of state riding the bomb also relate to the stories of the Baron von Muenchhausen, a fictitious character known for his ridiculous claims and impossible achievements – something these trigger-happy politicians can relate to. Each of these 8 people have the power to destroy the world, in order to secure their own freedom and sovereignty – true freedom fighters.

~’ungeniert/engagiert: Street Art von den Strassen Berlins’ / Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven (Germany)~