Project Description

Dystopia is a collaboration with Elmar Karla  created during ibug 2018 Urban Art Festvial. All sounds were done by Lisa Premke .

The main question we wanted to ask with this installation, was: Who pays for our sins?
During one week we created three rooms in a hall measuring roughly 150 sqm.

The first room titled ‘Jungle’ was filled with real trees, soil, plants, painted/installed animals and a distinct sound resembling the noise of a jungle.

In the second room ‘Dystopia’, visitors were greeted with an eerie sound of decay, alarms, guns firing while a crucified gorilla stared down on them. The room was filled with rubble, old tires and a family of robots observing the scene.

Finally, the last room ‘Religions’ had silver walls with a quote from Johan Tetzel known for granting indulgences in exchange for money (German: “Wenn der Euro in der Kiste klingt, die Seele aus der Hoelle springt” / English: ‘When you can hear the money in the chest, the soul will jump out of hell).

~ Chemnitz – Germany ~