Project Description

Know your place citizen – consume!

Even though Germany has not quite a harsh lockdown compared to many other place in the world it has become an indicator for what is deemed essential. With this year coming to an end it becomes more obvious each day: What really matters to society, what really counts and what defines the system, is the ever growing economy. We shall reduce our social contacts so we can consume. Restaurants and Bars need to close, socialising and eating is not important anymore, neither is culture, even worse it is punishable. Museums, theatres and concert halls are closed while galleries remain open for business.  Can anyone remember how it was to party and escape everyday life in a club or a festival? All of this does not matter anymore but we’ll get something in return: Christmas….well Christmas-shopping to be precise starting with Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Kids stay in school, so their parents can work, after all, someone has to buy all that “Christmas” crap. All hail the GDP, who needs to be happy anyways!

~ Hamburg / Germany ~