31 03, 2020

The Lock-down update


So, here we are, all sitting at home (-office) staring outside the window or on our computer screens. Normally, “change” takes years (just think about the government’s actions against the climate emergency), and now, barely 2 weeks later, the entire world turned itself upside [...]

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5 05, 2018

Munich Walls – Urban Art auf Muenchens Waenden


Recently, a book about the murals of Munich was published (ISBN: 978-3-940839-44-2, Hirschkaefer Verlag) and I was very happy to see that it featured the work at the Candid Platz which I did for MUCA. As well as a collaboration piece I did together [...]

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3 12, 2016

‘Sprayed pictures about social criticism’


The 'Goslarsch Zeitung' printed a nice full page article about the works I did in the area of Goslar in Germany, including 'Earth Beat' which I did on an electronic box for Telekom. And also 'Likes don't feed': a starving kid eating facebook-likes, which I [...]

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