Lapiz at Winter Tollwood – Munich

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Lapiz at Winter Tollwood – Munich

I just got back from Munich where I have been painting a wall for the Tollwood Festival. The Tollwood is a cultural festival that sees itself as a forum for ecology and focuses on different contents each year. This winter the motto is “Wir Alle” – “All of us” and marks the first time that Urban Artists take part at the festivals to paint, for this the Tollwood teamed up with MUCA (Museum of Urban and Contemporary Art) to curate three walls. Last year I painted a mural for Muca at the Candidplatz, so I was very happy when they phoned a few months ago to offer me a spot.

I am very greatful to have been given the opportunity to be painting at such a big festival: 1.5 Million Visitors each year, music and lectures by people like Bob Dylan, Miriam Makeba and Bob Geldof, what an experience. For this occasion I painted the mural ‘#5vor12’.

The other two artists were Matthias Mross and Patrik Hartl. Matthias Mross paints very detailed motives that are inspired by his travels through Asia: Slums, giant mountains of trash and lately cock-fights. Patrick Hartl does Calligraffiti, the combination of Graffiti with Calligraphy into an abstract form. It was amazing to have been painting together with these two crazy talented guys!

Many thanks to Adam and the Crew, Boris, Bianca, Tollwood and Muca.

additional photo credit: Patrick Hartl and Boris Schmidt