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New paintings for sale

Taking full advantage of the cold weather (and snow), I stayed inside (apart from those 2 days I went bobsledding. So, I am happy to show you some more paintings that are for sale now in my shop here.
Following the horrible events in Paris last years, I painted a crying goddess of liberty, that wrote ‘Liberte’ (french: Freedom) above her head. The idea came after I heard that many French would gladly give up their freedom for more security.

The ‘Jumper’ is taken from a Liebing’s photograph capturing the East German Soldier Hans Schumann jumping over barbed wire moments before the German wall was built. This year marks the 55th anniversary of this ionic moment and again walls are being erected, this time to fence off Europe.

Lastely, I painted ‘Playtime’ on canvas. There are only 4 original copies of this, each with different background palette. There are also still screen-prints of this motive available!