Maslow 3.0′ is inspired by Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. This theory of psychology describes reasons for human motivation such as safety, food/shelter, love/belonging or esteem. Here, the motivations of self-presentation are shown.

At the bottom are three young men dressed up for their graduation (around 1900), when taking a picture was a special occasion and one had to sit still for some time. The Charleston dancers above are showing off their dance moves to the camera (1920/30). The hippies from Woodstock (1960ies) do not care or realise that a picture is being taken. Finally, the girl at the top of the pyramid seems to be only documenting herself. In the end the act of taking a picture has become its reason. I take a picture, therefore I am.


  •  silk screen print on 190 g/sm paper
  •  hand-finished details make each print unique
  •  30 x 42 cm
  •  limited edition of 50 copies; signed, numbered and embossed