Project Description

This is the third installment of Corona-related works, the first being “Life in Time of Corona” and the second “Liberty Suspended“. Here , a covidiot took the center stage, someone who does not believe in the virus nor taking any protective measurements but instead goes to “hygene-protests” and believes in conspiracy theories. They are now a common sight around the world and especially numerous in Germany. People protesting on the streets against the restrictions implemented by the government is a good thing. They are allowed to do this and they should as part of our democracy.

But it is not cool to showing the Reichsflagge (a flag used by certain people who want to overthrow the Government and install the borders before WWII, also it has been used by the Nazis), which is commonly used by right-wing idiots. Among these area whole bunch of weirdos, antivaxxers and esoteric nut-jobs who are venting their antisemitic conspiracy stories ranging from chemtrails to aliens and back – spooky shit.

The piece was partly inspired by a book about conspiracy stories called “Angela Merkel ist Hitlers Tochter” (Angela Merkal is Hitler’s daughter) and a short German poem by W.S. (about how right-wing parties are a danger):

“Rote, Schwarze, Gelbe, Gruene

Bevoelkern die politische Buehne,

Dann gibt es noch die braunene Blauen,

die das ganze Bild versauen.

~ Hamburg / Berlin – Germany ~