‘Not 4 sale’ deals with the subject of human trafficking. This does include sex trafficking, forced labor, forced marriage and extraction of organs, which are billion dollar activities for criminal organisations.

I drew inspiration from many things I saw in Buenos Aires. Everywhere in the city are these little stickers advertising for prostitutes, big billboards of kids that have gone missing and I remember seeing a mural in the neighborhood of Colegiales, where a group of people had painted women behind bars.

Due to the nature of the subject, this print is not for sale, instead I will add it to the sticker-packs.

The part of the print showing the woman is done using a natural blend effect where different colours slowly blend into each other after each copy. Therefore, not one print is like the other.


  •  silk screen pint on 220 g/sm paper
  •  10 x 11 cm
  •  limited edition of 280 copies; signed and numbered