500 years since Martin Luther nailed a poster on a church door in East Germany. But it is also important to remember some other words he muttered in his many books. In “On the Jews an their lies” he demands to burn the synagogues and houses of Jews. About the peasants and their revolt against the (feudal) hierarchy he said they deserve death of body and soul as any hierarchy is god-given, described in is book “Against the Murderous, Thieving Hordes of Peasants“.

In this motive, Luther is shown blind-folded as a metaphor for his antisemitism and his views on the peasents’ struggle for more freedom. The symbolism is taken from the antisemitic depiction of the syonagoga (the female personification of Judaism) on medieval churches. There, she is always shown blindfolded to symbolise that Jews never would recognize Jesus Christ as their messiah.


  • Hand-cut stencils of from multiple coloured sheets of thick paper. Mounted on Bristol paper
  • 73 x 53
  • framed
  • Signed, with certificate