This hand-made screen print of the ‘Climate Carousel’ (‘Klima-Karussell’), is an ironic take on the “task force” created by the German government to tackle the challenges of the climate emergency. First this motive was painted at an asylum close to Germany’s capital Berlin, then also in Hamburg right opposite Facebook headquarters Germany.  As being one of the countries with the strongest economy in Europe its government was chosen as representatives of people in power failing to act when it is most needed.

The writing on top of the carousel reads: “erlauben” (to allow), “ermöglichen” (to make possible) and “erleichtern” (to facilitate), which resembles the idleness of politicians towards regulating the economy – in this case the 5 biggest producers of CO2 in Germany (Lufthansa, RWE, BASF, Heidelberg Cement and VW).

You can find more about the walls that I painted with this motive here.


  •  silk screen print on 250 g/sqm Fabriano Unica paper
  •  30 x 42 cm
  •  limited edition of 50 copies (plus 3 artist proofs)
  •  signed, numbered and embossed
  •  certificate