Today my Solo show: ‘Back to the Roots’ opens in Hamburg. But instead of doing it online, it is all outside, for everyone to see if you are in or visit Hamburg. Here, is how I got the idea to host it and at the very bottom of this post you’ll find a link to download the exhibition’s leaflet.

One of my last interventions ‘Reisefieber – Travel Fever‘ was featured in a lot of articles and on social media. Interestingly, many saw something very different in it than I thought I portrayed. While for me it was clearly a critical piece about vaccine nationalism and inequality, most people saw a manifestation of their hopes – to travel freely and without a worry to whatever place their heart desires. Frankly, I was very surprised when I got an email from a travel agent thanking me for the piece. Surely, I thought, travel agents would not be too pleased about the work.

Well, people do see things differently, and that is one of the cool things about doing art in general. I encountered this before when I published my first book , giving insights to many pieces.  However, I didn’t want to publish a new one just now but instead encourage people to explore and have look for themselves.

Normally, this can be done via Street Art Tours, but normally does not exist anymore. Instead I teamed up with local operator Hamburg Street Art and created a free walking-tour-exhibition. People can explore the district and get insights and additional information about the individual works displayed – a solo show really. The title: ‘Back to the roots’ because the majority of works consist of posters, which are the way, I got into street art many years ago. Also, this direct intervention allows for small works to be displayed which is crucial in a time where every festival in the last 15 months has been either cancelled or moved online.  So, if you happen to be in Hamburg or are planning a visit, you can download the brochure with map and all the information here: Brochure – LAPIZ: Back to the roots – a free walking solo show (2 mb)