During the COP21 World Climate conference 600 advertisement booths were hacked by the Brandalism campaign. For that I was invited to to create two pieces of work, Paradise, which is available as a print and Corporate Bubbles. Both motives were hung in the center of Paris and formed part of the protest.

Corporate Bubbles‘ deals with the subject of green-washing and was created when the Volkswagen emission scandal broke. At that time I had my studio very close to Wolfsburg, where the Volkswagen factory is.

For Version 1 I used newspaper clippings from the region, dealing with VW and its board of directors as a background. The stencil was then sprayed on and details finished using acrylic paint.

For Version 2, the stencil was applied onto thick cardboard and further processed to reveal the texture of the material.

Both version are fixed onto a wooden frame and shipped flat.


  •  hand cut stencil sprayed with hand-finished details and paper on canvas
  •  Size Version 1: 90 x 55 cm
  •  Size Version 2: 100 x 60 cm
  •  signed (with date)
  •  these originals will be shipped flat