Google Heads #2


A full wall of 'Google Heads', six in total. The heads are identical, the only thing changing is the colour of their backgrounds (blue, red, yellow, blue, green, red - which is the sequence of colours in the Google logo). This emphasizes the creation of distinct filter bubbles depending on your preferences when looking [...]

Sea and Horizon


The motto “Sea and Horizon” of the Desenlata festival (for which this work has been made) reminded me of an optimistic/sexy slogan of a real estate company wanting to attract new residents and businesses to a once desolated or run-down area. The festival takes place in a neighbourhood of Porto where the can-factories used [...]

Rioting Venus


With this motive I tired to create a photo-realistic picture of the Venus of Milo. To do this I used a high resolution picture of the famous statue in the Louvre, cut over 20 layers and  painted her using a realistic palette: body tones and a blue tones to make the toga look like [...]

Soulmates #2


The motive shows a right-wing populist and an Islamist having their backs turned to each other to emphasize on their seemingly opposing ideologies. However, they are united on a giant heart because they have far more in common than one might think: Extreme simplification of reality, convinced they speak for the majority, abolish democracy [...]