500 years since Martin Luther nailed a poster on a church door in East Germany. But it is also important to remember some other words he muttered in his many books. In "On the Jews an their lies" he demands to burn the synagogues and houses of Jews. About the peasants and their revolt [...]

Google Heads #2


A full wall of 'Google Heads', six in total. The heads are identical, the only thing changing is the colour of their backgrounds (blue, red, yellow, blue, green, red - which is the sequence of colours in the Google logo). This emphasizes the creation of distinct filter bubbles depending on your preferences when looking [...]

Sea and Horizon


The motto “Sea and Horizon” of the Desenlata festival (for which this work has been made) reminded me of an optimistic/sexy slogan of a real estate company wanting to attract new residents and businesses to a once desolated or run-down area. The festival takes place in a neighbourhood of Porto where the can-factories used [...]

Rioting Venus


With this motive I tired to create a photo-realistic picture of the Venus of Milo. To do this I used a high resolution picture of the famous statue in the Louvre, cut over 20 layers and  painted her using a realistic palette: body tones and a blue tones to make the toga look like [...]