During the Winter Tollwood Festival 2017 in Munich I had the great pleasure to paint alongside Patrick Hartl and Matthias Mross. Sometime during planning and painting our separate walls we decided that we should combine forces and create a unique collaboration piece, painted live at the festival. Patrick is a Calligraffiti artist from Munich [...]



The motive was painted for the Label Valette Festival at the grounds of an old Chateau. After being abandoned by its owner it belonged to the Spanish State and was even used during the Spanish Civil War. First, by the Republicans who used the castle to welcome Spanish political emigrants and later, by the [...]



The mural '#5vor12' was painted for the Winter Tollwood festival, which had the motto 'All of Us'. The idea was to paint a new version of the three monkeys: do not see, do not hear, do not speak (about) evil. It was meant to highlight people's reactions towards current pressing issues such as global [...]



500 years since Martin Luther nailed a poster on a church door in East Germany. But it is also important to remember some other words he muttered in his many books. In "On the Jews an their lies" he demands to burn the synagogues and houses of Jews. About the peasants and their revolt [...]