A re-transformed Christmas pyramid I built end of 2015. I found one online, that I rebuilt completely. The little angels became a politician, a soldier, a terrorist and a refugee, chasing each other. The candles were replaced by oil rigs (that are actually powered by kerosene) and spin a number of blades that each show [...]



The motive shows a woman with no mouth but instead holding a sign reading her name: "Renske Feyken". Who is Renske Feyken? If you visit the old whaler’s cemetery on the island of Borkum (Germany) you will find the grave where she has been buried for over 250 year. More recently, plaques were erected to [...]

Maslow 3.0


Reboot of my mural "Maslow 3.0" done for the Museum of Urban and Contemporary Art at the Candidplatz in Munich. This small open-air gallery also features the artists: Rone, Herakut, Case, L.E.T., Klebebande and Sebastian Wandl To check out the full description and what this motive is about, please have a look at the [...]