No Ball Games


'No Ball games' is a piece about child soldiers. Today there are still thousands of children employed as soldiers in conflicts world wide. Children should be playing with balls not with guns. The original versions were poster (wheatpastes) that I glued onto signs at playgrounds. Recently, I started painting this motive around skate parks. Here [...]

Toxic colors


'Toxic colors' is a collaboration with Artes (DE). The idea was to show the connection between the colorful clothes of our children with their origin. To keep prices low, clothes are produced by children in hazardous conditions. The colors are as bright as toxic waste. ~ Celle - Germany ~

iPod Buddha


The icon for the disciples of Apple, iPod, iPad, iPhone and so on. Every time a new version is launched the disciples are waiting in front of the store as if the messiah is returning. Steve Jobs was a hippie and Buddhist or a capitalistic sociopath? A laughing Buddha with a halo made out of [...]