Uncle Sam


'Uncle Sam’ addresses the spending spree of the US government on anything military related.  In 2015 the government spent almost 600 billion US$ on Military. That is 54 % of all federal  discretionary spending, compared to 3 % on social security, 3 % on science, 6 % on health and  6 % on education (National [...]



This is a commission I did for a private collector. It is from a picture of a Soldier from the German Democratic Republic jumping over barb wire moments before the Berlin Wall was erected. If you are interested in commissions, please contact me at info@lapiz.ca ~ work on canvas ~

Maslow 3.0


'Maslow 3.0' is inspired by Maslow's hierarchy of needs. The theory describes the reasons of human motivation, these include safety, love/belonging, esteem and self actualisation. Here, I used people of various decades and their relation to self presentation. The lowest is of a graduation class at around 1900 when taking a picture was a special [...]