A little kid is pushing a car with a mounted gunner. ‘Playtime’ addresses the response of world leaders following events such as 9/11 or more recently in Paris, the downing of a Russian airplane at the Turkish border etc. Quickly, war is declared, planes deployed and it begins again. It feels like a little kid [...]



I did this halftone of my cousin who died in an accident. The lyrics are from the song 'Casi sin pensar' from the Argentinian rock band 'Los intoxicados' and describe how our life is passing by without us noticing. Enjoy your life it is over way too soon. More info in this article here: BA [...]



The running cheetah was part of a collaboration with Limpio (USA) and Vixter (Arg). We went to a villa (a squatter camp/favela etc) in La Paternal (Buenos Aires) to paint a wall for the people there. The original piece was of a kid painting a rooftop across the city, titled 'pinta tu propria realidad' (paint [...]