Project Description

“Sicher?!” (Secure/Sure?!) is an installation that I created for the MSArtville festival in Hamburg-Wilhemlsburg. It consists of a half-circle showing border police of the 7 countries that (temporarily) abandoned the Schengen-treaty on the outside. On the inside, highly armed soldiers are shown, a common sight after terrorist attacks in Europe. A wall of mirrors behind the half-circle creates the illusion of a full-circle of soldiers. A sign is erected, reading ‘Welcome’ towards the outside and ‘Sicher?!’ towards the inside. The observers see themselves in the mirror and are invited to reflect on their position being inside or outside of Europe and ponder if those outside are welcome and those inside feel secure.

Interestingly, some seemed to be a bit overwhelmed by it and so, the entire installation was destroyed before the main opening. Instead I placed a sign and a photo about what would have been seen here. In the end I think it was a great piece because it caused people to act even if it meant destroying the work.

~Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg (Germany)~