Project Description

In Georgia I had the opportunity to paint my motive ‘(7 Daughter’s of) EVE’ onto a small house in the city center of Tbilisi. It is inspired by the book of the same name of Bryan Sykes which describes that all people living in Europe today share one of 7 women as a common ancestor. Also, EVE has blue eyes, which is a hint to a study conducted by the University of Copenhagen which has shown that all people with blue eyes share a common ancestor. A more in-depth description of scientific ideas behind the motive can be found here.

For the mural in Tbilisi, half of the building was painted red while the other half is painted blue, each side is adorned by the big face of EVE. The two faces are connected on a third wall where the background colours meet and the unifying slogan “We are all children of one mother” is written in Georgian.

I have also made a limited edition silk screen print of this motive, which you can find here.

~ Street Art for Human Rights – Tbilisi /Georgia ~