So, here we are, all sitting at home (-office) staring outside the window or on our computer screens. Normally, “change” takes years (just think about the government’s actions against the climate emergency), and now, barely 2 weeks later, the entire world turned itself upside down. These times are immensely creative for any artist. There is so much impact and information (and misinformation) swirling around, that it is hard to digest but is vented into art. Recently, really just a day before the lock-down happened, I went to the streets and glued up “Life in Time of Corona”. A girl hugging herself, longing for some closeness, but the banner band of biohazardous danger keeps everyone away. Check it out here and also in the articles by Brooklyn Street Art, I Support Street Art and the taz blog. A big thank you to the editors for the support! If you feel like it, drop me a line.