When I was just about to leave “Z-common-ground” I ran into the artist Wolfgang Flatz. FLATZ is one of the best known performance artists and a participant of the Documenta in Kassel. He was very impressed by my ‘water-soldiers’ which are part of the “Water” piece I painted for the festival and invited me to paint them at the entrance of the storage space for his paintings. I changed my plans and stayed a few days more to complete it. It definitely was a challenge, on the one hand because the wall was made of corrugated iron which is very difficult to paint with a stencil and on the other hand because the wall was located on a 3500+ sqm roof top terrace high above Munich, full of FLATZ’s sculptures (including a golden caravan, an old Cadilliac from Elvis Presly, a crash landed helicopter, just to name a few). The two soldiers adorning the entrance became part of a collaboration piece between myself, Felix Rodewaldt, Matthias Mross and Base23.
A few weeks later I got back to paint another piece for him, the ‘Rioting Venus’ has a special place surrounded by other goddess and I am very happy for the opportunity to paint at such a unique place.