A few weeks ago I got invited by Hifi to participate at this years Speichergallery, an Urban Art Gallery and Pop Up Show in Dortmund, Germany. I wanted to take the chance to finally paint one of my most ambitious motives on canvas. The Rioting Venus consists of more than 20 colour layers. Onsite I changed my mind by not painting it on canvas but instead on corrugated cardboard mounted on a wooden frame as I found it more interesting to work with. For the opening show I also painted it on a wall but as it is with street art all these “wall-versions” will be gone one day – painted over or destroyed. So, I am very happy to have this one copy ready to be hung onto any wall. Furthermore, I painted another version of ‘Corporate Bubbles‘ onto cardboard mounted on a frame. I have painted this motive many times since I first introduced it during the COP21 Climate Conference in Paris in 2015.