Some time ago I got an email from MUCA the Museum of Urban and Contemporary Art in Munich. It was a very discreet invitation to transform a room at a secret location in the heart of Munich. Unfortunately, I was in full swing preparing for the IBUG festival¬† which didn’t leave me any time to pick up on the offer. However, I was able to paint a mural on the top floor called ‘One Love’ showing a kissing Putin (more info can be found here and here).
Now that the Kunstlabor is open, I can freely talk about it. 50 National and International artists had the chance to transform the walls and rooms of the old Tengelmann Headquarters in Munich Laim (Landsberger Strase 350). Everything was very secretive, so it was a very nice surprise to see so many of my buddies and buddettes painting there aswell, like Lion Fleischmann, Sebastian Wandl, Patrick Hartl, Loomit, Matthias Mross, Fintan Magee, Herakut, L.E.T, Case and many many more.

Doors open on October 13th 2018.

More information can be found here: