Being invited to paint a wall in Grenoble was definitely a highlight this year. I got offered a big wall and given that “The Hero is You” which I painted as a commissioned piece in Hamburg got partly destroyed, I wanted to reboot the concept. This time, the idea was to make the motive brighter using bubble-gum colours and leaving out the politicians, thus the motive highlights Snowden’s assumption that each one of us can do the right thing when it counts and thus be a hero.

Painting in France was a great pleasure, the festival was well organised and everything was taken care of, which is the best as you can 100 % concentrate on painting. I arrived on the 21th of June, beginning of Summer and also when the Fête de la Musique takes place, a giant party where buskers and really anyone is encouraged to play their instruments outside and celebrates music.

Also, it is always great to meet an spend time with the other artists present, greetings to SonnySunDancer (Jo’Burg), Suiko (Hiroshima), Pantonio (Lisabon) and Cuore (Buenos Aires).

Grenoble is absolutely worth a visit, not only from a Street Art Perspective (after 4 editions of the festival there are about 90 big walls painted) but also because of its people, the great vibe and being situated in the beautiful landscape of the French Alps.