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MSArtville Festival

I am currently living on the grounds of the MsArtville Festival in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg and was creating an installation called “Sicher?!” which critically reflects on the concept of Oasis. For the full description, please have a look here.

The MSArtville is an installation show which runs for 2 weeks and is home to some great festivals, like the Richtfest, Vogelball, Burgfest and the Dockville Festival. It is still ongoing, so I invite you all to come over and discover the installations yourselves. I am very thankful to the entire crew of artists, helpers, journeymen, carpenters, cooks and organisation for the help, the professionalism and a great sense of community.

Unfortunately, not all is well in Paradise. All installations are well secured against theft but more so from accidents caused by sharp corners, breaking mirrors etc. However, we didn’t see the retards coming who started to destroy our works (ripping off the heads, kicking into windows, tagging installations breaking stuff, etc. and being general arseholes). It is very sad that such a small proportion of people get so much attention for just being ignorant brats showing no respect for other people’s efforts, while the festival and the people who make it happen, are wonderful.