4 Elements Hip Hop Jam – and – “The blue village”

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4 Elements Hip Hop Jam – and – “The blue village”

A few weeks ago I was invited to paint at the 4 Elements Hip Hop Jam in Bieberrach, which is a small (but very rich town) in Southern Germany. They are well known for their Polytech teaching architecture and recently built a new youth centre which already is making waves for its design (including a roof garden).
The invite came from Daschu who I met at the Meeting of Styles in Wiesbaden last year. Daschu is a well known graffiti artist from Southern Germany and also recognized for his Agenda2030 project in South Africa and Manila. Together with the artist CareOne they released “The Blue Village” a film documenting the project painting people’s portraits on their shacks. You can watch the trailer here.

I painted a version of the trash flier that I had painted at the iBUG last year. Nicely integrated with the JDis crew (Horst, Geko and Jeroo from Stuttgart)  on the giant back wall.

If you would like to purchase this motive, hand-made limited edition screen prints are available here.